The Sport Corner
of The Academy

A tight-knit circle for those who want to seriously up their game.

Obsidian Evo is the sister to the Academy, dedicated to sport scentwork, obedience and protection. It’s for those who are ready to step away from pet dog training and onwards into the next chapter.  The quest to build the grail protection dog.

Evo is for those who really feel ready to jump in and work hard on the more advanced aspects of training so make sure you really have the time to invest in this, to allow you and your dog to be as good as you can. Beginners, as always, are also welcome because we all started somewhere, but be open to learning, and fast.

Obsidian Evo features a special belt grading system inspired by martial arts clubs. Commit yourself to the training program and work your way up the ranks as you go. With each belt progression being awarded with a bespoke Obsidian dog collar and hoodie.

Spaces are extremely limited and reserved only for those who’re the most dedicated and hungry. See you on the inside.

Evo is free of charge to join – Just send an email to with your story and we will get in touch ASAP!

Every Sunday we meet for Evo club day so make sure you are free for them!

The Grading System

The Evo Grading system was inspired by the traditional martial arts belt systems. As people progress in their ability, they would be given a different coloured belt to symbolise the level they are currently working at. This in essence replaces typical sports titles, and we wanted to do this because of how subjective a title can really be. When you compete with your dog, you are both judged on three minutes of your life, rather than your entire training history and progress as a whole. This unfortunately means some people end up having lower titles than they really deserve, and others higher for simply performing well on that day. With the Evo Collar Grading System taking into account the entirety of the journey, not just a particular trial, the outcome becomes much a better reflection.

White Collar – White collar is the first earned rank for all Obsidian Evo Students. The white-collar training should emphasise the foundational understanding of all three phases for dog and handler.

The white collar should have experience and time served in all three phases but may not understand the particulars within the phases without guidance or assistance.

Blue Collar – Blue collar is the second earned rank for all Obsidian Evo Students. The blue-collar training should include consistent understanding of the foundations in isolated events amongst all three phases.

The blue collar should have a clear understanding of the foundations and remain consistent within the behaviours even if the dog still requires help. The dog should also have a basic understanding of nuances within behaviours across all three phases.

Purple Collar – Purple collar is the intermediate earned rank for all Obsidian Evo Students. The purple-collar training should include consistent understanding of all exercises

The purple collar should have a thorough understanding of the behaviours and remain consistent within them with minimal help. The dog should also show problem solving ability through further progression in training.

Yellow Collar – Yellow collar is the highest-ranking collar below black. Progression to this level should typically take roughly four years. It is the collar where behaviour is refined.

The yellow collar should have a complete understanding of all behaviours with minimal help. The dog should be in a refinement process for nuances of individual behaviours and not learning new behaviours.

Black Collar – Black collar denotes the highest level of understanding and skill across all three phases.

The black collar should have a complete understanding of all behaviours without help. The dog should be exceptional across all three phases and the handler should have exceptional skill and knowledge.

Red collar is reserved for those whose influence, training and commitment takes them to the pinnacle of the art.

The red collar should show full completion of all behaviours and then more on top. The handler should be able to train and assist others in any discipline to exceptional level.

Stripes – In addition to the belt system, stripes shall be awarded as a form of intra-collar recognition of progression and skill. Up to four stripes on the collar will be given as an indication of the skill level relative to others within the same rank.

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