The Sport Corner
of The Academy

A tight-knit circle for those who want to seriously up their game.

Obsidian Evo is the sister to the Academy, dedicated to sport scentwork, obedience and protection. It’s for those who are ready to step away from pet dog training and onwards into the next chapter.

Evo is for those who really feel ready to jump in and work hard on the more advanced aspects of training so make sure you really have the time to invest in this, to allow you and your dog to be as good as you can. Beginners, as always, are also welcome because we all started somewhere, but be open to learning, and fast.

Obsidian Evo features a special belt grading system inspired by martial arts clubs. Commit yourself to the training program and work your way up the ranks as you go. With each belt progression being awarded with a bespoke Obsidian dog collar and hoodie.

We encourage all members to create a program that is right for them, utilising the structured Evo program as a framework for your dream dog.

Obsidian Evo members will receive all of the perks that come with a standard membership to the Academy, with bonus features such as exclusive merchandise, monthly zoom calls, discounted training sessions and much more.

Spaces are extremely limited and reserved only for those who’re the most dedicated and hungry. See you on the inside.


Obsidian Evo Membership

  • Every Membership Perk
  • Access to Grading System
  • 3 Phase Training Programme
  • Private Facebook and WhatsApp Group
  • Exclusive Merchandise
  • Monthly Zoom Calls
  • Discounted Training Sessions
  • Bimonthly Dog Goss Podcast
  • Access To Club Days
  • Limited Spaces Remaining

What’s Included In
Obsidian Evo Membership


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