The Exclusive Sister
to The Academy

A tight-knit circle for those who want to seriously up their game.

The Inner Circle is NOT for most people. This is the very, very small section of the Academy designed purely for those people who need much closer access and support from me and the other trainers.

The Inner Circle is for those who really feel they are ready to jump up in speed with their training so make sure you have the time to invest otherwise you will waste your membership because it’s going to take some real time to jump ahead. This is not exclusively for those at high level, I am happy to include beginners and experts alike but this is a far more open and intense membership where we can delve into your training, your business, anything you like.

This is the coaching level – We work personally together, in depth, day in and day out to hit goals.


The Inner Circle

  • All Premium Perks
  • Personal Access on Telegram
  • Monthly Elite Training Days
  • Monthly 1-1 Coaching Call
  • 20% Discount on 1-1 Sessions
  • Elite Merchandise
  • 10/10 Spaces Remaining

What’s Included In
The Inner Circle Membership


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